Standard Proficiency Testing (PT) Center

Implementation of proficiency testing schemes to increase technical and quality skills of laboratories is one of the standard requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 for quality assurance of test/ calibration results. Certified standard laboratories accredited based on ISO 17025, the Standard Subcontracting Laboratories and other laboratories that need to participate in a healthy competitive environment to evaluate their performance can register and participate in Proficiency Testing.
Standard Proficiency Testing Center is one of the active groups of QMSI faculty, has translated the National Standards INSO 17043 (Standard of Proficiency Testing) and also established INSO 17043 requirements in the QMSI faculty. This standard includes general requirements for accreditation of PT providers (PTP and developing and implementing of Proficiency Test scheme which is general for different types of PTP
By establishing INSO 17043 in this center and holding various proficiency testing for selected labs and special selected items, by sending these items in the specified time and testing them in labs and reporting results to Proficiency Testing Center, it would be possible to distinguish the acceptable results and grade the laboratories based on their actual performance after statistical analysis. With the completion of documentation structure of PT center and planning PT Schemes, and starting online registration of applicant laboratories, the first scheme of proficiency testing had been ran and the results had been notified in spring 2015. It is obvious that according to the explicit requirements of INSO 17043, impartiality and confidentiality is one of the first requirements of INSO 17043 which is completely implemented in standard PT center.