Metrology Research Group, is working in the QMSI faculty based on the following research areas:

  • Development of national standards in Metrology
  • Participating in the development of national and international standards
  • Cooperation with competent partners in connection with the audit and control for measurement
  • Holding relevant training courses about tractability and conformity assessment in metrology
  • Conducting research in Metrology
  • Active and dynamic relationship with other academic and research institutions and communities in & outside the country within the framework of related rules and regulations
  • Publication of research findings, scientific and technical activities via books, magazines, articles, etc.
  • Holding research and educational meetings and workshops
  • Holding research and studies to provide the country's measurement legislation or improve it
  • Establishing national laboratories in Metrology and maintaining them in suitable levels in order to maintain traceability of measurement results
  • Designing and implementing of inter-laboratory tests, proficiency tests and other similar tests inside the country