Inspection and conformity assessment

Inspection and Conformity Assessment Group, is working in the QMSI faculty based on the following research areas:

  • Development of national standards in Inspection and Conformity Assessment.
  • Participating in the development of national and international standards
  • Cooperation with the national accreditation bodies and inspecting and inspected bodies in order to collect evidence, documents and information from internal and external reliable data sources with the goal of development of national and international standards
  • Holding Technical training courses for experts and auditors within the framework of programs and policies of the Department of Training and Promotion
  • Conducting research activities to enhance the quality of goods and services and helping to improve the efficiency of industrial goods, production methods, conformity certificates and developing the consumer protection law
  • An active and dynamic relationship with other academic and research institutes and communities inside & outside the country within the framework of regulations and standards in conformity assessment field such as inspection bodies, certification bodies for system product and individuals, and test/calibration laboratories
  • Communicate with professionals, experts, innovators and entrepreneurs in academia, research and industry and to provide the necessary facilities in order to help global accreditation forums and national accreditation system and supervision of inspection bodies, certification bodies and laboratories.
  • Publication of research findings and scientific and technical activities via books, magazines, articles, etc. in the field of inspection and conformity assessment
  • Holding Training courses, seminars, researches and workshops, in conformity assessmentsystem, certification acceptance, test results and other related subjects to the inspection and conformity assessment
  • Translating technical documents related to the inspection and conformity assessment and publishing them
  • Communication with relevant international organizations (ISO/CASCO) for scientific and technical cooperation in international level
  • Collaborate with the standard magazine