Holding Training courses

QMSI faculty for the purpose of SRI and INSO requirement and for enhancing the knowledge of staff and other related parties providing training courses based on the following four characteristics: Training, Experience, Education and Skills. The main training topics of QMSI faculty are: conformity assessment, organizational excellence, quality management systems, test results quality assurance, validation, statistical analysis, sampling, inspection, audit, assess principles, business continuity and energy management. Training courses at QMSI faculty are based on training calendar (F-HR-33 form) or training course list Form (F-HR-34 form) is based on the following methods:

  • According to the proposed educational calendar: the venue of the courses are in the QMSI Faculty. Applicants can register at Traninig.Standard.ac.ir within the specified period and date.
  • Based on the requested courses of individuals: applicants can coordinate with the training coordinator and then ask for the training courses. These courses can be held in the required place or in QMSI Faculty
  • The courses offered by organizations and legal entities: these organizations could announce their requested courses, after review and agreement in QMSI faculty, the training courses can be hold in the applicant organization or any other agreed places.
Registration requirements in QMSI faculty
  • Capacity of each course is limited, so priority is to those who register earlier.
  • The declared cost for the registration include: attending courses, training packages, catering and certification.
  • Participants' certification will be issued by SRI.
  • Group discount: QMSI Faculty considers a 10% discount for three or more simultaneous registration from the same organization or three courses, per person/training course.
  • In the case of cancellation the fund will not be returned, but funds can only be transferred to another course.
  • The participants feedback results will be announced through QMSI.IR website.
Registration process
  1. Entering the website "Education & Graduate Studies of SRI" at http://training.standard.ac.ir
  2. Login to members: to login to the member part, you must first have a valid email address and the password and click register.
  3. After entering this section, complete all marked fields (starred). If a field isn't completed, you will encounter problem in the approval procedure.
  4. After confirming your email address, a welcome message from the administrator will be sent to your email address. With the approval of this message in your personal email, the ability to login with the same password and email you entered, will be available.
  5. In other visits to the site, after entering the email & password click on the login part and enter to your personal profile. In the area "Registration" choose your selected course on the "Courses and Workshops" tab. Then click register for the course. After that, a page including the information of the course and your personal information will appear. At the end of the page there are three boxes:
    - Data verification and writing an introduction letter (related to colleagues from SRI and INSO)
    - Confirmation and payment (participants from outside the organization)
    - Modify Profile
  6. To colleagues, after selecting the first box (verifying the information and writing the introduction letter) in the selection period, the column related to references will be activated. After clicking on the presentation, a page will open that you should attach a letter of introduction as a zip line. Then you should upload and submit that.
  7. For participants from outside the organization, and through the 2nd box, verifying the information & a copy of the bank receipt will be done in at last 5 businesses days before the beginning of the course before the course holds, the site manager evaluates the introduction letter & information validate the bank receipt and if the registration is finalized, the training coordinator will let the participant(s) know. The participants have to give the bank receipt to the training coordinator till the first day of the training course.
  8. Participants have to click on "feedback" after the course finishes and complete the form.
It's notable that because the system issues the certificates, if any parts of the process is not done quite well, there will be a problem in the issuance process and the certificate won't be issued.