Applied researches

With hiring faculty members, QMSI Faculty is prepared to implement research projects, in accordance with the needs of INSO and other applicants. Developing proposal for each project, setting a project manager, applied researches begins and at the end of the project a report will be presented to the applicant. Some research projects entrusted to the QMSI Faculty are as follows:
  • Identification of Demanded Standards in Service Criteria
  • Investigation of legal obligations and recognized related standards
  • Research services regarding road map providing and establishment of systems for demanded certifications in Ministry of Petroleum
  • Research services to draw roadmap enabling Petroleum Ministry in the full test of products and equipment priorities and collaboration with the National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI) as a sub-contractor in assessment of laboratories in oil industry
  • Translating the standards to English ( required for import and export)
  • Establishing Proficiency Testing Center
  • reviewing the structure and organization law of INSO
  • Empowerment of industries included in TAJA plan
  • The Market Control Field Study in the Whole Country in Spring 2015
  • Evaluation of safety in kindergarten equipment
  • Evaluation of compliance with national standard requirements in sport equipment (Fitness facilities).