A brief history of QMSI faculty

Institute of standard and Industrial research of Iran (ISIRI) is responsible for 4 important activities in Iran. These 4 are: standardization, conformity assessment, accreditation and metrology and measurement According to Article 2 of its low, was enacted in 1992, research department of the ISIRI is considered equivalent to a research institute named as “Standard Research Institute (SRI)” which obeys the relevant regulations In addition, based on part 2 of article 3 of the aforementioned law some of the most important duties of ISIRI are: to conduct research for standard development, to improve quality of locally-produced goods, to assist production methods and industry performance improvement. According to Article 12, these duties are assigned to the SRI. Since 2013, ISIRI became an independent organization under supervision of Iran presidency, and its name changed to Iran National Standard Organization (INSO). SRI is an independent research institute that depends to INSO and founded on article 2 of the Law, enacted in 1992, in Council of Higher Education. In 2006, following the changes in the organizational structure of INSO, Standard Research Institute was established with four faculties: Department of Quality Management Systems and Inspection, Chemistry and Petrochemical Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical and Construction Engineering, Food Industry and Agriculture Base on Fifth Development Plan and Article 3 of the Statute of the Institute, SRI was made as an independent legal entity from March 2011.